Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Original Tiong Bahru Golden Pig and Roasted

Char Siew Rice :D

This thing here is what they use to roast the meat. It takes hours of hard word before the dish is served to the customers, take note of that the next time you order roasted meat dishes and such so that you can savour the taste with appreciation. :>

This was the only store that occupied two stalls. It had been situated here in Tiong Bahru for over 60 years. Located at #02-68/9, a yellow signboard greeted us. Despite our horrible chinese, the stall owner was friendly to answer our questions. We bought a plate of Char Siew Rice, costing $3 a plate. The char siew had no charred parts and was well roasted, juicy and not dry at all.The store used to only cater to special orders such as one entire roasted pig, duck and other roasted goods, however, you don't expect the life of a typical working Singaporean to be free enough to buy an ENTIRE roasted pig back home unless its a special occasion. Thus to keep up with the fast paced lives of everyday Singaporeans the store now sells other types of food, such as: roasted chicken rice, wanton noodles  and etc.-too. This stall belonged to the stall owner's grandfather and now it is his. He carried on the tradition, roasting the pork the traditional way that take hours. How the shop started? He wasn't sure either. When we were about to leave, he remarked,"Now a days, students aregetting  too smart. They don't want to work here." It was true. His children did not want to carry on the tradition and mend the store. How sad would it be if the store was to close in a few years time? Singapore would no longer have as many traditional roasted meat stores as we do now.

When we asked who were the regular customers the stall ownner told us that people of all ages order from the stall, it was still early when we were at Tiong Bahru Makret so i guess we were lucky that we did not have to queue up for too long!

Singaporeans love char siew rice! I know i do~ But... Why? We think that it is probably the taste of the char siew and the sauce, i mean, who can resist such delectable food? This dish with a long history is probably well known to all Singaporeans since it has been around for so long and it is available at just about any food court or hawker/food centre :D
Like many other traditional dishes, this dish lives on!

Side note. What is char siew? It is barbecued pork meat. The exterior of the meat is dark red due to seasonings-e.g. honey-and it is normally consumed with rice. Char siew originated from China and it is a cantonese cuisine. 

Special Thanks to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Char_siu

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