Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tiong Bahru Mian Jian Kueh

The variety of pancakes~

Traditional cooking equiptment to preserve the authentic taste!

And of course the many awards (:

Imagine the aroma of piping hot, crispy pancakes.Or the hot, melt-in-your-mouth cheese as you bite into of soft pancake.This award winning stall smells exactly like that as you approach it. It was featured in Makansutra and Live To Eat television shows. The stall owner has been here for a very long time. She says that it was a family business passed down from generations to generations, with a long history.This stall was opened way back in the 1960s.The dish has changed a little over the years. From peanut and red bean flavour, they now have a wider variety of flavours like chocolate and cheese to accommodate to today's youth.When we were there, we tried the crispy peanut pancake.It was a thumbs up from everyone! The crispy pancake goes perfectly well with the crunchy peanuts. On the whole, we give this pancake stall our stamp of approval. Bon Appetit!

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