Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lor Mee 178

A queue was forming as we were interviewing the employees of Lor Mee 178. Its store number is #02-58, it opens from 6am - 9.30pm and it closes on Wednesdays. The special thing about this stall is its famous Shark's Meat fritters which are added to the Lor Mee. The bowl of lor mee did not have the usual braised egg, braised pork and ngor hiang though.The Lor Mee costs $2.50 per bowl and for extra shark fritters, an additional $0.50 each. 

What is Lor Mee? Lor Mee is a Chinese-inspired noodle dish served in a thick starchy-gravy and thick flat yellow noodles. The dish is eaten by Hokkiens mostly. Its originated from Singapore and Malaysia. Nowadays. there are different types of Lor Mee being served in Singapore.

According to the employee which worked in the store for 6 years, the store owner opened this store when he lost his job during the financial crisis. Wanting to know why this store is famous, we asked more questions, however, the employee was busy. We tried interviewing the people eating from this store however, the people did not entertain us. What was the recipe for the Lor Mee? The employee said," It is just normal Lor Mee."

Our opinion. Why do Singaporeans eat the Lor Mee? It was because of childhood we guessed. There was not really a  proper answer to this question. 

Special thanks to http://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2012/06/lor-mee-178-tiong-bahru-market-food.html 

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